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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


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You have a captive audience, let us help you tap into it. We design and write e-newsletters that are eye-catching, engaging and perfectly relay your message.

The overwhelm of writing a newsletter in the moment (or when it’s the last thing on your very long list) is understandable. What should you say? What should you include? Should you use merge tags? What’s a merge tag? Ahhh! Many businesses find it challenging to write and create regular newsletters… so they don’t. And then their list just sits there. Deteriorating.

Having thousands of social followers is a wonderful thing, but you don’t really OWN these contacts. At any point, Facebook can decide you have to pay-to-play (which is basically where we are at already) so you need to ensure you have unfettered access to your community. This is where email marketing comes in. We will help you come up with a newsletter strategy for the year, set up your accounts, design and create your template and issues and create all the content as well.

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