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Social media is where people spend their free time at. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat. We are offering all Digital Main Street Users 50% OFF OUR SERVICE FEE!

Social Media Platforms are where everyone spends most of their free time. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Snapchat are the main social media platforms where people spend their time sharing their thoughts and interests with their friends, fans, and loved ones. 

Facebook is still the number 1 social media platform in the world.

During the first quarter of 2021, Facebook reported having more than 2.85 BILLION monthly active users and more than 66% of those users being active daily. That is more than 1.88 BILLION daily active users.

All of these social media platforms have advertising platforms too. Where they collect their users interests, behaviour, and demographics, and they let businesses use these information to reach their target audience and advertise their products and services. 

This is our number one expertise! On social media platforms, the most important thing when it comes to advertising is grabbing your target audiences ATTENTION!

Studies show that an average person sees more than 5,000 ads per day!

People do not want to see ads in their free time. Remember, this is where they spend their free time or their happy time!

So when it comes to advertising on these platforms you need a very good understanding of your audience before advertising to them. 

At Polaris Digitals this is where we spend most of our time too! But on the back end. We are constantly studying users behaviour and analytics to better understand how users react to advertising and other than our marketing experts, we have a team of creatives that live and breathe social media and because of that, WE KNOW HOW TO GET ATTENTION!

We are offering all Digital Main Street Users an Exclusive 50% OFF Our SERVICE FEE For Social Media Marketing if you sign up today and provide us with the exclusive DMS coupon code.

Disclaimer: Not every business qualifies for our program. Our marketing strategy is extremely exclusive and also we want to be 100% sure your business could benefit from it. Contact us today to see if your business qualifies!


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