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Years in business: Pre-launch
Head office located: Ottawa, On, Canada


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FREE Website Audit

This FREE website audit and written competition analysis report will outline what is needed for your website to outrank your competitors on Google.

Our report is a no-obligation assessment of your website. It includes an In-depth SEO audit on-page analysis & optimization.
We dig diligently through your entire site to find and audit every resource, both internal and external: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, images, videos, and more.

We perform a site crawl analysis as Google, Bing, or Yahoo do, following robots.txt instructions for any bot.

We will analyze your site’s pages for SEO errors the same way search engines see them.

Other things in the report include broken links and images, duplicate content, poor mobile usability, site speed, redirect chains, internal linking problems, heavy pages and scripts, W3C validation errors, thin content, and more. In the end, you will get a printed copy of the report.

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