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The power and presence of the Superfan Nav Bhatia brand is undeniable. Let us get working for your brand now. Your digital presence is just as important as the sign on your front door!

At Push Marketing Group we help you give your business the added push needed.

Not only are we an experienced Digital Marketing team but we are led by years of experience as business owners in the retail sector. As a result our approach is driven by the need to ensure we generate maximum ROI for you spend.

From Print, to digital we can help your business conceptualize and execute a strategic marketing campaign.

However it all starts with your presence online. We at PMG understand what business are currently facing and we are here to help. Let us get your website and social media up to par with today’s standards and provide you with an effective online marketing strategy.

After all in 5 years the Superfan, Nav Bhatia has become a global name and his business has been the number 1 Volume Hyundai Dealer across Canada two years in a row.

Why not let us get to work for you.

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