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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Google Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service, including Google ads, is a web advertising model used to drive traffic to your website where you only pay when someone clicks on one of your ads.

Large traffic is a fundament of success

Mooc Advertising

Keyword management

A cornerstone of any ad campaign is keyword research. Keyword management is a science, ensuring your ads will show up in the right place at the right time. MOOC will help you acquire, refine, and organize your PPC keywords, resulting in more effective campaigns.

Mooc Advertising

Reach business goals

PPC can help you achieve goals ranging from high-level brand exposure to a successful campaign and high e-commerce sales. PPC is a powerful tool for aligning website traffic drivers to end goals. Our team at MOOC is here to assist you in utilizing such tools to their full potential.

Mooc Advertising

Personalized plan

Every business is unique! At MOOC, we tailor plans to meet these different demands. Identifying demographics, targeting locations, personalizing your budget, and selecting avenues of communication, our team is dedicated to maximizing your business performance.

Mooc Advertising

Measurable and trackable

A major benefit of PPC advertising is that it runs through Google Ads, which makes it very easy to measure and track. At MOOC, our teams will provide you with detailed monthly analytics addressing performance details, including impressions, clicks, and conversion rates.

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