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D. Hills Sales

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Ancaster, Ontario, Canada


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Google Business Profile Management

Managing your Google Business profile is essential, including updating products and services, replying to reviews, creating engaging posts and auditing user-generated content.

The Google Business Profile for your business is the first and most prominent result for your business in search results. After initially optimizing your profile, adding to your authority is essential. Responding promptly to reviews, managing Q&As, adding engaging content adds to the knowledge the GMB algorithm can use to pick your business as the first answer to your ideal client’s search intent. Create posts that add value and inform the algorithm using images and videos that showcase your authority so that the algorithm knows your business is engaged. We can help create the content using tactics that are proven to work.

Now that ‘Visitor Posts’ have been added to the feed that includes your posts, there is an additional need for monitoring content. Visitor photos and reviews signal the algorithm that your business is meeting expectations.

You can create and manage requests targeting your happy customers to help with user-generated content to help your business look more attractive.


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