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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


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Graphic Design

Make a statement online, in print and wherever you market with gorgeous collateral and professionally designed pieces. From website and logos to tradeshow booths and business cards.

We live in a visual age. We all know that wary, skeptical feeling in the pit of our stomach when we come across a cheap, dated website—who would trust that company? And we also know the positive, comfortable feeling we get from the in-store branding or signage of our favourite shop. These intuitive reactions are based, in large part, on graphic design. Contemporary, well-designed collateral instills confidence, and a consistent design look across all customer touchpoints creates familiarity.

Since we oversee the design of our clients’ entire design portfolio, we ensure the same level of quality and same aesthetic for each piece. And it’s not just about beautiful design; we make sure each piece of your portfolio is strategically positioned to bring a return on investment.

At REES + STAGER, we’re well-known for our custom graphic design across the full range of print and digital products.

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“When I decided to launch my walking tour business in 2019, Rees + Stager was the first phone call I made! I needed a name, branding and an introductory website. The Rees + Stager team took me through a discovery process to find a name, logo and brand that is memorable and recognizable.

Rees + Stager quickly helped me to find a name, logo and brand that is not only perfect for my business but also suits my personality – this skill comes from their professional branding and marketing expertise!

Rees + Stager truly listened to what I needed and delivered a high-quality website within my budget.

I would highly recommend Rees + Stager to anyone in the early stages of a new business – they will set you up with a great foundation for success. I look forward to working with Rees + Stager throughout the various stages as my business grows!” ~ Juanita Metzger, Owner/Operator, Stroll Walking Tours

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