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Hospitality Companies- Recruitment and Marketing Package

Hospitality companies can create their own company pages on Hozpitality, verify and use the account to post jobs, recruit best suitable candidates and publish news and promotions.

Let us help you find the right candidate!

Hozpitality offers a range of job packages to allow you to target global hospitality professionals. You can choose from a single job posting product or multiple job posting packages. Our success is driven by our ability to exceed and surpass our client’s requirements and expectations.

Search millions of quality candidates and connect with responsive talent

Clients can search the CV database using several search tools such as keywords, date, candidate name or ID, location as well as industry. This gives the user a more refined search and provides them with a list of CVs’ which meet their criteria.

Setting up an optimized company page is easy on Hozpitality

Drive brand awareness & quality engagement with professional audiences by creating a Company Page on Hozpitality.

Explore how you can join conversations and stay connected with Global Hospitality professionals.

Have your own branded mini-sites setup easily

Are you looking for a white label solution, branded mini websites for your company, we can provide you with a branded mini-site designed just for you? Ask us how we can help!

Publish your News, Announcements & Promotions on Hozpitality

We welcome your contribution to industry information on the site. This information keeps both job seekers and hospitality companies apprised of what’s going on in hospitality, from the latest trends to reports, promotions, events, movements and other topical issues.

Explore opportunities to reach out to a niche audience of mobile, socially active individuals

Whether you are a hotel management school, hospitality supplier, restaurant, hotel, travel agency, hospitality management consultant, interior consultant, or construction consultant, if you are a hospitality business, you are eligible to take advantage of our advertising opportunities.

Improve your own visibility

Find out how you can become a Pro Member and Feature yourself and increase your visibility!


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