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Vivify Marketing

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Let's Build You a Website!

Our websites are created for the best ROI. We plan, design, and test the site to ensure the customer has the best experience possible.

We take into consideration the style, navigation, and overall functionality of the website during the web design phase.

More than 62% of online traffic in Ontario, Canada come from mobile devices. Make sure your website is responsive so you can engage with all your audience.

Our web design & development team has established a host of effective services to facilitate the growth of your business. Including WordPress websites and e-commerce solutions focused on usability and responsive design, creative branding solutions that inject personality into your business, and custom programming for ideas that you need help bringing to fruition.

With over 50% of all web traffic coming from a mobile device, creating a mobile-friendly website is no longer optional: it’s a necessity. It all starts with responsive web design.

Responsive web design allows your website to adapt to and provide an optimal experience on any device it’s being viewed from. This means that your website will look great and function flawlessly for a user on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Every website developed by Vivify utilizes responsive web design, adapting perfectly to each device users are accessing it from.

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