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Pace Creative Group Ltd.

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Vancouver, Bc, Canada


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Market fit Growth Marketing Strategy

Pace Creative advise, help and support clients build a proven tailored strategic marketing framework to ultimately, secure customers/accounts to build consistent and predictable revenue growth.

The market fit growth marketing strategy will help us further map out the customer journey so that at each stage of the sales cycle we understand:
• How does the broadcasters seek out information? (i.e. marketing channels)
• What are the key messages they are looking for? (i.e. marketing themes)
• What are some additional content pieces/marketing channels we should introduce (or reconfigure) to help complete the customer journey?

The market fit growth marketing plan will outline:
• Our key persona/profile
• The persona/profile journey and how they become aware of your business, understand the business your solve, decide to try it, and maintain relationships with your business over time.
• As part of the persona/prifle journey, we will document: the key messages, mindsets and marketing channels for our audience at each stage of the journey.
• Recommended messaging updates for each marketing tactic used by your company to reach your audience.


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