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Access your Dynamic Forms on Mobile Devices. Improve data entry efficiency using the many features available on the mobile platform.

Digitize the Paper Process in your Organisation to Improve Business Operations.

Upgrading your paper forms to a digital platform reduces paper flow and time-consuming manual data entry.
Powerful Forms save you time and money, by improving data flexibility, automating processes.

One Platform, a Multitude of Applications:

1. Inspections: Assess objects/activities in the field like PPE safety, customer visits, fire equipment and generate corrective action forms
2. Checklists: Stay organized, get things done by creating and sharing to-do lists & tasks for employees/contractors in the field
3. Timesheets: Capture multiple time entries including signatures of workers & supervisors
4. Orders: Build order forms that include signature capture & details of the job
5. Reports: Capture the particulars of an incident along with photographic evidence, creating reports that can not be altered or modified in any way
6. Inventory: Build & maintain a list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building
7. Incidents: Record the details of an event that occurred such as injuries, hazardous leaks, & accidents
8. Audits: Identify performance, efficiency & savings potential in the office & out in the field
9. Sales: Conduct sales activities from anywhere with access to customer details, locations & stock

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