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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Mumbai, Mumbai, India


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Personalization, is more than Hello #FName#!

Create personalized boutiques for every customer. Boost sales through recommendations that work. Drive repeat website visits with 1:1 experiences

Netcore Personalization is like having your very own data scientist. You’re getting the best possible data analysis to ensure that you’re not only sending the right content to your customers, but engaging them in ways they would respond to.

Netcore Personalization leverages a neural network-based algorithm to deliver the perfect offering for each visitor, in real time. Our always-on AI is augmented by a visitor context layer (factoring in attributes such as time, location and device), as well as a temporal layer (analyzing recency of interaction, order of product selection and frequency of interaction). This delivers completely bespoke shopping experiences with curated content that is designed specifically for each customer. 

Get up and running in no time, Netcore Personalization has been designed to take away heavy-duty API integration tasks and replace them with a simple Java Script that can load in minutes. The solution runs asynchronously to your website, ensuring there is never any impact to your website. We don’t share or require personal information so there are no security security or regulatory risks. All widgets displayed by our personalization engine have load times twice as fast as industry standards letting you know we will be ready when you are.

Netcore Personalization provides a straightforward process to bring serious results to your business. All you have to remember is the number 5. To achieve success, the process is as simple as 5 hours or less of technical work which consists of a Java Script install and creating a couple web pages and providing a product feed. 5 days of our team to process your data and complete a full test environment ready for production. Finally, 5 weeks for our AI engine to optimize and deliver a significant lift in revenue. 

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