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Head office located: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


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SAYG Direct for Local shipping, Set your price and save!

Ship your packages locally at the best price you set, without worrying about the shipment size, shape or urgency. If it fits in a car, it ships.

SAYG Direct offers 2 pricing models to its customers. Customers’ own prices and the SAYG Price.

When the customer sets the price, our pre-verified drivers receive the customer request and submit their bids. Bids are available real-time to the customers and they can accept the best bid which meets their expectations. Every step in the delivery process can be tracked in real-time until the delivery is complete.

SAYG price is an alternative price which is based on the distance and typically cheaper than a ride-share price. 

Under both the options, shipment size, shape or urgency do not matter – if it fits in a car, it ships. Customers can save on additional shipping costs by reusing the packing material.

SAYG Direct, also offers curbside pickup and scheduled deliveries, without an additional cost to the customer. Peace of mind to customers with real-time tracking, shipment insurance (56% Cheaper) and password linked delivery confirmations. No change in hands or vehicles ensures safe delivery. 


Switch to SAYG Direct and save on you higher shipping costs! Our drivers are available round the clock to support your business.

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