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Pan Prestige

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Maple, Ontario, Canada


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Search Engine Optimization

We offer fully managed SEO, using the best white hat SEO strategies. We believe in results-driven approach, using on-page SEO and technical audits, high-quality content. and link building.

Online users expect instant gratification and they are unlikely to browse much further than the first page of search results to get it. If your competitors are on that page and you’re not, your company is basically invisible. Search Engine Optimization is key to unlocking your potential and putting your company in front of more potential clients.

We offer fully managed SEO, using the best white hat SEO strategies. We believe in results-driven search engine marketing approach. Using on-page SEO and technical audits, high-quality content creation, and outreach for link-building, our SEO campaigns are guaranteed to increase your website’s organic traffic.


These are some of the Search Engine Services that we offer:

SEO Audit

A detailed study and analysis of the SEO work will be done by our SEO specialists to know if the strategy used for the webpages are effective. They will also consider resolving any current SEO challenges through consulting.


Technical SEO

The first and the foremost work that our SEO experts do is to identify and fix gaps on your web pages or work with you to design SEO friendly websites from the start. We believe in working from the ground level so that the following work is not hampered. We emphasize on creating websites that are visitor and search engine friendly and suggest ways you can optimize your conversion rates.


Keyword Research

We keep a track of the current user search behaviours which help us identify short term and long-term opportunities when it comes to untapped keywords.


Competition Analysis

We try to make a complete work analysis of the business competitors, track changes in their organic rankings across keywords, which helps us to rework on our strategies.


Content strategy

We create content that is engaging and strikes a chord with the audience. The compelling content helps us to build links citations and social chatter around the keywords that matter for your business


Local SEO

With our SEO services, your businesses and office locations can achieve a higher ranking on applications like Google Maps, to help potential customers reach you faster.


Ecommerce SEO

Benefit from our SEO specialists to improve your rankings, product indexing and visibility for the right people at the right time. This will indirectly lead your sales to grow manifold times.


Developer Support

We believe in teamwork, hence we shall work with your web developers to keep your website in great shape, while implying SEO recommendations.

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