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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Peterborough, On, Canada


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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We will review and optimize your current website to identify SEO opportunities for your business. Keyword research, Local business listings, & more

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about being found in online search results. The greater your website ranks in organic search results, the greater the chance your site will be visited by a user.

Google ranks websites based on several different creative and technical elements. Google is in the business of providing the best search results possible. It’s no surprise that Google has become extremely good at doing just that. In order to rank higher on the search engine results page (SERP), you need to first create content that is of value to your users.

It is no longer enough to simply stuff keywords to your website. How is your website content structured? Does it have the right coding best practices? Have you set up for Google My Business listing? Are users engaging with your content? Google measures everything, including how long someone stays on your page and how many pages they visited.

We can help you understand where your website falls short and coach you on improving it. 

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