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Elevated Business Solutions

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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SEO-Ready 8-Page Shopify/WordPress Website In 7-14 Days

CONTENT • SEO • WEBSITE OPTIMIZATION • GRAPHIC DESIGN * There are specific conditions and requirements

What’s Included:

  • Hosting + Website Setup
  • Connecting your blog, social media, and email
  • Design and Build
  • SEO Optimization of 5 Key Pages
  • 1 Revision

8 Pages: Home, About Us, Products/Services, Case Studies/FAQS, Blog, Contact Us, Terms of Use, Privacy Agreement       Conditions: The clock starts when the questionnaire has been submitted correctly and without missing information. All legal documents ie: terms of use, and privacy agreements, must be reviewed, approved and provided by you and/or your legal team.     OUR PROCESS:

Step 1: Quick-n-Painless Questionnaire + Media Asset Collection

We send over a website design questionnaire that we will need you to fill out. The questions we ask will help us understand your business needs and goals and provide us with design/style concepts. We will also ask you to send any logos, images and media assets you would like us to use.

  Step 2: Competitor Research

We do our research and take a look at who you are up against. Analyzing your competition allows us to adopt their strengths and leverage weaknesses.


Step 3: Hosting and Website Setup

We provide hosting solutions and options and build based on your budget and selections. This includes an SSL Certificate, DNS Records Setup, and Domain if you haven’t already purchased one.


Step 4: First Design

Once we understand your business goals, industry, and customer pain points, we begin the designing process. We factor in every aspect, including page speed load times, plugins/add-ons, themes, image sizes etc.


Step 4: Revisions

Because this is a time-sensitive bundle, one revision is included where you can request we change fonts, headings, images, and image placement.


Step 5: Launch

Once you sign off on your new website build, it’s time to show it off to the world. Increase your brand presence, collect leads, sell products, and launch courses. Have fun with it.

Ready to get started?