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123 Digital Power by Sofie Andreou & Associates

Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Peterborough, Ontario, Canada


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Social Media


Team Social Media Training.

We train your staff to create content, ignite online engagement and sales! We train on topics from how to post on social, to create your eCommerce site, to SEO, to Social Sales & to Google Listings.

I create a training plan specifically for your company, over a select period of time, helping your team to extend your brand and create their process, voice, taking photos and videos onsite, and completing posts, showing your team how they can do it themselves, showing results.
I love to see your businesses buzzing with new sales immediately!!  
I would help your team create a series of team interviews, staff photos, product videos,  auctions, social media specials, contest, PodCasts, Livestreams, (whatever is most effective for your type of business) all with the tips and tricks I use to create social media buzz for my existing clients. 
Here are examples of two of our clients, we trained.
Every company is different. We do what will make you successful. 

Check out Greenstreet’s story, we helped them create their new eCommerce Site and trained them to maintain it!
Check out . We trained shadowed and trained their staff to be self-sufficient, they now do their social media and website upkeep themselves! They are over 15,000 likes now!

Check out our newest client: &  We trained them to excel on Instagram after we created their new eCommerce Site and added a Shop to both their Facebook & Instagram Accounts.

We hope we might be able to work with your team as well!

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