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Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Shoppable Social Displays

Showcase your best community photos on interactive galleries and product page displays to enable a 1-click shopping experience that delights.

Candid is a Visual Commerce platform that tells your brand’s story through the eyes of your biggest fans. Authentic photos & videos are streamed to product pages and social ads to create a fresh and inspiring community experience that sells. 

Candid’s powerful discovery and moderation engine allows teams to quickly find the most authentic & inspiring stories in the avalanche of community content and do more with it.

Easily map approved media to your products to drive the 1-click ‘shop this look’ experience.

Powerful pre-built layouts allow marketing teams to target mobile, tablet and desktop without any programming.

Our industry leading analytics engine tracks sales, engagement and community growth in real-time and empowers you to act fast.

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