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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Taber, Alberta, Canada


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If you're small business looking to establish your presence locally, you need to be online as well to keep your customers new or old up to date on what you offer.

1. Your website is your front door.

Your website gives you the chance to make a first impression and it should inform your customers. This way you can tell what drives your customers to make decisions to buy from you.

2. Your website shows that you exist.

Any small business today needs a website to increase business in today’s digital world. Without your website, your customers will not be able to learn anything about what you have to offer. Your regular customers may know who you are but in a small town, there’s always someone searching on the internet for what you offer, this could even lead to a phone call from the website.

3. Give them a reason to choose you

Small businesses that represent who they are and why people should buy their products/services online have much better time getting customers through their door. For example, if a potential customer is searching for a product or service, you want your website to show up on Google and that means having a website that’s clean & functional. This website should also have all the information about your business layed out clearly so your customer has a better experience overall.

4. If they can’t find you, they will find someone else

Having a website increases your business credibility. If someone finds your website while looking for something you offer, they have built a little trust in your business. But your website should do all the work to keep them engaged and answering most of their questions which in turn will keep them longer on your site and not too invested in another business website.

5. It’s Free Advertising

Websites can be a one time investment and payoff in the long haul. Once you’ve established an online presence in your local area, people who are looking for you or your services will be able to run into your website and see what you have to offer. This could be seasonal discounts, events, etc.

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