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Social Media 101: Business Basics

Social media can be really dull, man. This fun and informative 3 hour workshop will give you the confidence you need to create and execute your own unique social media strategy.

Let’s face it: you can’t escape social media. It’s everywhere. It’s overwhelming. And why, exactly, do cat photos seem to be the currency of the realm?! It’s time to cut through the noise and learn to simply, quickly, and effectively use social media to build your business. In this hands-on 3 hour workshop you will: Get a grasp on the big three—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram—and how to leverage those massive social media platforms for your business. Learn how to generate winning content quickly and efficiently. Learn how to plan, read, and REALLY understand your metrics of success. Learn how to translate social media jargon to hire a social media manager who’s right for you. Walk away with a social media toolkit so you can begin working on your accounts right away. You should take this workshop if: You have little or no experience with social media. Your niece, your friend’s kid, your kid, or the nice boy who also mows your lawn is currently managing your accounts. You have a business that can benefit from accessing and engaging customers online. You want to learn why social media is good for more than posting photos of cats, brunch, and babies*. You dislike/hate/are annoyed by social media, but you think there must be some reason people make such a fuss about it. *If your business involves cats, brunch, babies, or even all three, no worries! This workshop is still for you.

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