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Head office located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Social Media Content Marketing

We make digital beautiful, and we’ll make sure that your content receives the attention it deserves. We'll help set-up and manage your social media feeds and design campaigns that you can run easily.

We value detailed and comprehensive plans.

Which is why it is our duty to our clients that we provide professional insight and knowledge pertaining to a variety of communications disciplines including; advertising, personal selling and sales promotion.

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Social Media Management
Developing a detailed and structured social media management plan can be a daunting and sometimes monotonous process. At Humanatronix we understand that with limited time this can be a challenge for most small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, we work one on one with our clients to create and implement the best possible plan for creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with the content they want to share with customers.

Content Marketing
The most consumed piece of media consumed in this day and age is short form informative video content. While scrolling through social media feeds and watching the local television broadcast, is it a wall of text, or a well crafted, beautiful piece of visually stimulating content that holds your attention the longest?

Campaign Management
Once a marketing plan has been established and put into action, it is pivotal that a business begins the process known as campaign management.

There are many steps as well as key tools required to have successful campaign management, which is why our team has developed key learning resources and the best tools to use for campaign management.

We also make it our mission to help our clients on a personal level to develop key skillets in this area such as planning, execution, tracking and overall campaign analysis.

We’ll get you up to speed with all the right tools, trends and strategies to launching, maintaining and growing your social media presence. We’ll design beautiful banner graphics for your social media pages, and prepare long-term content marketing schedules to ensure your business is active with engaging content all-year-round.

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