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Truly Creative Marketing

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada


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Social Media Growth, Management, Optimization & Content Creation

This service allows you to sit back and relax knowing you have an amazing social media presence building your brand, engagement and client base. We manage, optimize, create and post your social media.

About Our Monthly Social Media Growth Services

All of the Social Media Management & Marketing Strategy Packages listed below have been created with the growth of the business, increased reach, brand awareness, and the purpose of providing value to your ideal audience so that they can become new clients. These services are not for businesses who are just looking for content but are made for those wishing to use social media as a marketing tool to attain new clients and grow their brand and business.

Engagement Growth
Our social media packages all include engagement growth as it is the only effective way to nurture relationships with your ideal audience. This service is where we identify your ideal client audience and where they are located, their habits, and their preferences on social media. We then engage with them authentically to provide value to them to drive them back to your business social profile or website with the end goal of nurturing them into potential leads.

Management Services
Our services can be provided with or without the management service which includes answering direct messages, comments, responding to requests, and interacting with your audience as your business through their engagement on your page. Having TCM manage your social media page rather than just your strategy and content really ensures you are optimizing every opportunity for audience building. It allows you as the business owner to take a hands-off approach while feeling confident that your brand and social presence are being taken care of so you can gain that time back for yourself.

Social Media Platforms
The social media platforms that Truly Creative Marketing provides services for include: Facebook Business Page, Instagram Business Page, LinkedIn Personal & Business Page, Google My Business listing, and Pinterest Business Pages.

This package can range based on your needs. The full service includes management of your social media channels, a social media strategy, content creation, content publishing, engagement to build your audience, social channel profile optimization, and more! 

To see if we’re a right fit to work together, please visit our website’s Contact Us page linked below to book a Free Consultation Call at a date and time that works best for you. 

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