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Advantis Communications Inc.

Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Toronto, On, Canada


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Social Media Health Check - A Scorecard for your Social Media Success

You're taking the time to post to social media, but are your accounts properly optimized to ensure you're maximizing your time investment? Why not maximize your social marketing effectiveness?

Our team of award-winning communication and marketing experts will assess your social media channels and perform our sought-after Social Media Health Check. 

Each of your social media accounts will be benchmarked against the Advantis Social Media Health Check Benchmark Scorecard highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement. A score based on a three-colour scale is assigned to each parameter. Green indicates the parameter is optimized and is in line with best practices, amber denotes that there is room for improvement and red denotes that the item needs attention.

With the ultimate goal of determining if visitors will have a smooth experience on your social media channels, the benchmark shows whether accounts are optimized for search, best practices are satisfied and brand standards are safeguarded.

This scorecard is one of the components of the comprehensive Advantis Social Media Audit. Learn more about Advantis’ social media services at: 

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