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Social Media Management - Full Service

Do you understand the value of social media presence for your business, but want to hand over the day-to-day operations? Full-service management is right for you!

Full-service management of social media presence on one or more platforms. 
Packages available based on the number of platforms and frequency of posts.

NS Social Solutions will meet with your business, agency or organization to discuss goals, needs,  expectations and budget. We will further discuss the services we can offer in order to help meet your needs and business goals. 

If you decide we are a good fit (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, annually) we will return to your location or job site(s) to take photographs to be used on social media. During our time working together, we will regularly touch base with you for updates on business developments, promotions, goals and focus. We will craft our posts and messaging to focus on priorities you identify (i.e., profitable services, or areas of the business you have identified as requiring extra attention or promotion). 

Option to include private messaging, a one-time website review, monthly website updates, and/or advertising campaigns on social media. 

*Discuss your other digital needs with us!*

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