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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: King, On, Canada


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Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing Experts provides custom corporate social media marketing training solutions designed to specifically meet the needs of your organization.

Are you Sociable?

Digital Marketing Experts thrives in the dynamic arena of online communication and the relationship-building opportunities social media can provide it.

Social media is the most organic way to drive optimized traffic to websites and e-commerce platforms, actualize ROI, and measure true brand loyalty. Digital Marketing Experts creates compelling and influential social media forums with engaging, relevant content that captivates your target audience. We realize the importance of up-to-date interactive responses on social media, and we work hard to establish not only meaningful connections for your brand but meaningful content that reflects your culture as well.

Digital Marketing Experts’ tailored content messaging is on-brand, showcases your company’s personality (which we solidify through developing key marketing terms and messaging that we weave through branded content), and complements its online presence. This ensures you are drawing the most relevant traffic to your online portals, and secures brand patronage.


Social Media Strategy

What is your social media strategy?
It is important to have a comprehensive social media strategy that’s content is based on your audience’s interest and your brand’s core values and offerings.

Social Media Platforms

Social Media is not Facebook!
Your optimal social media platforms will vary based on your target audience and brand niche. 

Manage your Social Media

Creating content for each social media channel, and analyzing its performance can be time consuming.
We have the tools to channel your message through all relevant social media platforms and analyze the insights, so you don’t have to.

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