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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Vaughan, Ontario, Canada


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Social Media Marketing Services

Grow your business with a conversion-focused Social Media Agency. New Waves Canada Social Media Marketing delivers bespoke social media services designed to delight your audience.

Social Presence objectives:

  • Plan, design, and manage social media campaigns.
  • Reach out to the target audiences seeking your services and products in Canada.
  • Promote your deals and special offers.
  • Create Brand Awareness.
  • Build a Strong Web Presence for Marketing Success.
  • Builds Customers Volume.
  • Drive Traffic to your company’s social pages and the website.

What New Waves Canada will do: We Do Real Marketing!

The works that New Waves will do:

  1. Starting from creating the social media marketing strategy to generate the target audiences to finalize the online plan, it will be just the start!
  2. We will create the posts designs/feeds, motion graphic videos, page covers, stories, advertising, and campaigns management based on the strategy and the received information and content.
  3. We can help generate ideas for campaigns, creating the post captions, hashtags, scripts, and the text of the creative work based on your objectives, deals, and offers.
  4. The main three platforms for paid advertising will be Facebook, Instagram, and Google. But it is not limited to it. It might include some ads partially on other platforms based on the strategy and the target audiences.
  5. We will create some custom audiences on Facebook and Instagram as well. You can use it later with any ads without the need to create it again. It is still customizable.
  6. New Waves will create motion graphic videos and animate some posts to make them more attractive.


Project Pricing and Terms

Project Price includes all the social media marketing features in the proposal.

  1. The contract would be valid for One Year, or Six Months, or Three Months Trials.
  2. The minimum contract period is Six Months. ( Three Months or One-Month Trial is accepted ).
  3. The payment will be quarterly in advance as of Option 2. For the Trial period only, you can select any of the payment options below:


Payment Options



Price after discount

No. of Months

Final Price


One Month Advance

CA$ 1,240


CA$ 1,240


CA$ 1,240


3 Months Advance

CA$ 1,240

15% (-$186)

CA$ 1,054


CA$ 3,162

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