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Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Hamilton, Ontario


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Effectively market your business across Facebook, Instagram, and Google my Business channels.

It’s no secret that todays social media networks are the HOT marketing platform for potential new business to make qualified decisions on many (if not all), of their future purchases and services.  As a national retailer, that prides itself on building community, there’s no better place to provide such info and education in a “non-salsey” way than across social media.  On average, people check their smartphone over 70 times a day in an almost habitual fashion.  A strong social strategy, with the right mix of both organic and paid advertising, will increase our chances of reaching new potential customers in the instances that matter most while creating an added revenue channel and improving client conversions.

With years of active digital marketing experience, FEED will guarantee to grow the your “Social Klout” (brand awareness and credibility within your expert field) through increased followership, and engagement (likes and comments) to your businesses Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business pages.

When you choose FEED as your Digital Media Marketing company, you get much more than that. You also get a local partner that know’s the industry and the active players within it. And with a wide-ranging network of influencers and evangelists FEED will have social working for you, rather than the other way around.

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