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Cherry Digital Studios

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Hamilton, Ontario


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Social Media


Social Media Strategy & Execution

● 12 month content calendar planned with executed content for a supported period with coaches for 75 days (content creation + niche industry copywriting included) ● Instagram and facebook page profile

This is all about social media (our bread and butter)- we will formulate your content strategy and how you are going to position yourself on and stand out. We will optimize your profile for your ideal client, focus on how to produce high quality converting content and you will walk away with a 3-6 month content calendar (content creation + niche industry copywriting included). You will also receive:

○ Instagram and facebook page profile overhaul

○ Bio

○ Recommended strategy

○ Story highlights

○ Covers

○ Hashtag research

○ Hashtag sets (4)

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