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Starter Brodcast Digital Text Marketing Platform

Automated cardless loyalty and text marketing platform to designed to bring in new customers, turn existing customers into repeat customers.

25% off Cardless Loyalty Text Marketing Platform

We Offer a Complete Digital Solution

MobileWise is the local affiliate for SMS Masterminds, an Inc 5000 technology company with thousands of satisfied merchants and over 8,000,000 mobile subscribers.    We will develop a Digital Marketing strategic plan around your business.  Every solution is customized; we design a mobile plan for you that can be easily integrated into your existing marketing and advertising program. 

  • Includes 1250 messages per month*
  • We make it easy for your customers to sign up
    Our tablets provide the best and easiest way to build your list.  Customers sign up and sign-in in less than 7 seconds right at the register with our friendly tablets.  Say goodbye to that old punch card!  No gaming the system, no cards to lose and no apps to manage.  Simply quick and easy sign-in.   Included in this package:

    • Loyalty Tablet
      • Custom branding
        • On-screen upsell messaging
  • Connect with your customers via text to bring them back more often with Automated text messages.  Included in this package:
    • lapsed customer engagement messaging and 
      • birthday club messaging
  • Drive Traffic During the Slow Times of the Week
    • On-Demand text blasts and promotions to drive traffic during slow times of the week included
  • See the results!  Our dashboard provides stats on subscribers and redemptions
  • Advanced Capabilities
    Go beyond a simple rewards program and engage your customers
  • Profitable – In-store discounts can be costly and do little to drive new business.  Our programs keep your business top of mind and drive additional traffic.   Each program is customized for your business with automated trigger messages to target your customers’ buying habits. 

Other options include:

Interactive Messages / Shareable Coupon Offers – Our offers are easy to redeem, trackable and can be shared with friends. Best of all we can track those shares and offer rewards for sharing to friends.

Birthday/Anniversary Greetings – Create special birthday or anniversary offer plus create your own “enter to win” sweepstakes.

Automated Miss You Offers – We can bring back those infrequent customers with special “Miss You” offers.

Online & Email Sign Up Program – Capture new customer outside your location with our interactive sign-up widget you can add online or use our automated “Text to Win” program to increase sign ups.

Facebook & Google Integration – Messages can go beyond subscribers and are posted to your Facebook page or Google listing.


 * Additional messages over 1250 per month available in blocks of 100

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