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Swift Kick In The Ads: 4 Week Facebook Ads Bootcamp Live Video Training

Facebook Ads 4 week Bootcamp. Learn how to create Facebook & Instagram ads including how to create ads, budgets & strategy, audiences & targeting, plus reading results and improving ads.

The Facebook Ads 4 Week Training Bootcamp was created as an inexpensive program to help small business owners,  entrepreneurs, and people like you learn the foundations and get started with creating your own Facebook and Instagram ads.  

Not many businesses are ready to pay for an expensive agency to manage their Facebook Ads but most businesses are aware of the need to be present online using Facebook and Instagram ads. By joining the 4 week Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp, you can quickly get up to speed as a business to learn how to create your own Facebook and Instagram ads. Train with Amanda Robinson – The Digital Gal who is an industry expert when it comes to educating and training on Facebook Ads.

Amanda’s superpower is being able to explain complex concepts in very easy to understand, manageable way so you don’t become overwhelmed.

  • You want to improve your Facebook ads skills but don’t have a lot of time.
  • You don’t want a course. You want someone to teach you LIVE and be able to ask questions.
  • You want to spend your budget on your ads, not on an expensive course.

4-week Facebook Ads Training Bootcamp Includes

  • 4 LIVE 1.5hr Facebook Ads video training sessions
  • Downloadable resource guide
  • Instant video replays
  • Facebook Group to give you support & answer your questions
  • Go beyond the boost button with confidence!

Ready to get started?