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Inner Arts Collective

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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The Helix: Virtual Membership Plan

For the work-from-home wellness practitioner seeking a professional mailing address and access to virtual professional development events, peer community, and client engagement opportunities.


Self-employed practitioners have had to pivot their practices, navigate virtual solutions for supporting clients, and re-tool while also experiencing reduced access to a professional peer community. 
The Inner Arts Collective is happy to offer the Helix Plan for this very need – a virtual Membership option that allows self-employed practitioners to continue offering their services remotely from home while using a professional downtown mailing address and accessing an inter-disciplinary community of self-employed practitioners. All Members also receive complementary website exposure on our Member Directory, and become complementary Members and Moderators of our online community, The Inner Arts Hive (value of $120/yr) – a mobile platform to support one another and our clients with virtual events, courses, weekly offerings, and discussions.

We welcome all who are committed to manifesting a world that is aligned with our best selves, our best communities, and our best connection to the natural world. 

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