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The Virtual Photoshoot

It's a photoshoot that we do completely on facetime (or another vid chat system).

It’s a strange new time and we are all trying our darndest to adapt and remain calm, amirite?

I’ve been using video chats to stay connected with my friends and family and now I’m using this software for something a bit more novel – Photoshoots! The Facetime Photoshoot is not my invention but I have put my own unique twist on this idea and I’m so excited to be offering this to you.

It’s a photoshoot that we do completely on facetime (or another vid chat system). Think of it like newborn photos where they surround the baby with beautiful fabrics and flowers to create a serene scene, only it’s you on a screen posing from miles away!

I’ve spent a few creative hours coming up with the coolest ‘scenes’ to photograph you in and I would be so thrilled to get to know you so I can curate the best possible shot just for you!

Each session includes a 30 min pre-shoot consult to plan things like lighting, location, and other small details. The shoot itself is an additional 30 mins and can happen at your convenience. You will receive 3 beautifully curated and hand-edited digital images emailed directly to you. The total investment for this unique photoshoot $100.00.

This is your chance to create something to commemorate this incredibly unique time in your life. Let me show you that closed doors are no obstacle to being creative.

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