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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Ultimate Measurement that Take You to the Top!

Successful businesses have an impactful digital footprint: they track & measure customer interactions. With our in-house CRM tool called AdLuge, you can have what the top companies rely on every day!


Many ads and campaigns start out brilliant, but quickly flame out and fail to deliver valuable leads and drive sustainable customer relationships. You know they’re good — but is your audience reacting as expected? Without the right performance tracking tool, you’ll never know what you need to do to reach the right customers.

The best campaigns are smart — they’re data-driven and agile. With real-time analytics, you can establish key indicators that help you unlock more opportunities to reach customers and generate leads. The value of this data is vital to building a cohesive, long-term campaign strategy that evolves with your customers’ needs. Reap the rewards of data-driven marketing through the highest ROI you have seen in years.

Here’s how AdLuge makes it easy, all in one place:

  • Track website and campaign performance
  • Generate and analyze trends that shape your marketing decisions
  • Create a complete digital marketing strategy with SEOpaid media, and social data
  • Monitor reach and engagement across multiple platforms
  • Optimize campaigns to complement each other, and produce a cohesive brand
  • Access online lead management to develop customer relationship and retention pipelines

When you create, track, and optimize data-driven campaigns, it’s easier to meet marketing goals and see exponential returns on your digital strategy.

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