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CyberPR Army

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada


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Video Marketing

Let our team craft intentional high-level videos to showcase your business through online advertising.

Created in lengths to suit your needs, your videos will be posted to relevant channels to expand your online presence. These video assets can also be repurposed for your website.

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Digital marketing and project management are two sides of the same coin and both multi-faceted. Our skills are varied and used together to create synergy, maximizing the results for your business. Here are the most popular services we provide.

Design and style should capture the voice of your unique business.

Your business isn’t like any other, and we understand that. Our team will help you find your business’ voice and create assets that speak to you and your target audience:

– Tailored to your needs, whether that’s local, national, or international
– Specific to where your target audience is
– Unique; created from scratch with you in mind

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