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Virtual Event Production

Event Production Solutions can assist you with all aspects of creating a virtual event. We offer Graphics services , Video Editing , Content creation, event management and technical assistance.

From conception to creation and execution, Event Production Solutions will help you find the right products & Services . First we will explore and discuss what the desired end result should be and what vehilcle will best suiute your requirements . This  may include finding the right event platform to showcase your product, Event or conference. Then we research ,negotiate and secure any required suppliers .ie Audio-Visual,tradeshow , Videography ,grhips or anything technical to make your event amazing. Once these elements are secured , EPS can manage the building and creation of your event . 

For virtual events we will help buid the foundation and framework of your chosen platform site. We will assit or mange the up load and creation of graphics ,content and any other aspects of the event required to build the virtual event platform. We work sibe by side as one of your team to ensure the upmost quality of your site. EPS will become part of your event management team .

For Hybrid events we will take care of your onsite technical requirements by assisting in finding the right suppliers for your event that will fit your budget,creativity and understand your desired final product. 

When we return to live events we will be there to manage all things technical and assist you in making a sucessful and memorable event.

We are here to help you succeed!

We are here to make sure your suippliers succeed !

We are here to ensure your guests receive the message you are showcasing ! 

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