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Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Kitchener, Ontario


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Web and Software Development Services

Contracted web and software development work to help with anything from: - Website builds - Updating and face-lifting existing sites - Building out technical MVPs - App development

Contract our team for needed web and software development to keep your business on track during Covid-19.

We’re helping small businesses build and overhaul their digital presence to maintain business operations and service delivery.

Do you need a website?

Do you need to jazz up your existing website?

Need help with maintenance and hosting?

Have a business idea that needs some technical know how to get off the ground?

We can help!

Currently working with local businesses building and overhauling websites, APIs, web services, app development, and building minimum viable products for start ups.

We also offer some limited free web development through our professional training bootcamps – providing candidates with experience, and giving you free, or very cost-effective work.

Book a call on calendly to learn more:

Email our micro services lead to get detailss: [email protected]

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