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Raindrops Concepts

Years in business: 6 - 15
Head office located: Windsor, On, Canada


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Web Design and Online Ordering Systems Development for Restaurants

We help clients develop an Online Ordering System for restaurants tailored from their customer's point-of-view. We also give strategic plans to grow your online presence to increase restaurant sales.

We’ve been crafting exceptional branding, packaging, photography, and websites in the food industry for over a decade.

We have shown significant growth in the food and beverage website design industry, which is mainly focused on the customers rather than restaurants and dining establishments. Since 2008 our web design team has dabbled in website design for food and beverage companies, and we have now mastered the precise method of creating a successful website with maximized navigation speed and user-friendly.

Adversely, traditional restaurant owners still seem to be most comfortable with a minimal investment in their digital branding that they can ride out for the next decade or longer. Restaurant website design, in general, is very template driven and slow to evolve. It is painfully common to experience slow website traffic or have trouble navigating food and beverage websites, especially on mobile devices.

With the recent surge of multicultural food and beverage that has migrated to this region, our web design team decided to compile our collective web design and user experience to create a list of best practices for food and beverage web design in a cost-effective way.

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