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Genconian Technologies Inc

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Surrey, British Columbia


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Web Development and Google Business Listing

Genconian Technologies is one of the fast-growing online Marketing, Web Development, and SEO companies in Canada and the US. We serve the US and Canada and serve local businesses in B.C.

We design and develop websites for a variety of Businesses. Immigration consultants, Janitorial, Blinds, Law firms, trucking, and logistic companies, Insurance brokers, Real estate brokers, realtors, etc.

At Genconian Technologies, we design and develop your digital presence by making custom websites tailored to your needs. 

We take a complete approach to web development starting from design, markup, coding, and content. Our team consists of experienced professionals working collectively on our goal to develop your website, not to rank higher in search engines, but to genuinely deliver the best user experience to visitors.

We design, develop, and maintain a comprehensive range of websites that include e-commerce, web stores, web platforms, front end for portals, extranets, intranets, native and hybrid mobile, and tablet sites, Blog sites, portfolio sites, Facebook pages, and Youtube channels.

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