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Webscan - your FREE Website Audit

How good is your website? Is it ranking well on Google? Why not? Website audit includes a comprehensive analysis of essential aspects that affect your website’s performance and online visibility.

The WSI Comandix Webscan is an excellent website checking tool that provides a thorough assessment of your site. It is just what you need to create a compelling and reliable website to enhance your digital reach.

The WSI Comandix Webscan will provide a detailed analysis reflecting the following:

  • The quality and health of your coding
  • How well or how strongly your website compares to your competitors’ sites
  • How the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) perceive your website
  • Drawbacks/structural issues with your site that discourage/drive away visitors
  • Recommendations to improve your site and correct drawbacks/structural issue  

In addition, your FREE Webscan includes a one-hour personal consultation with a WSI Comandix specialist to review the research findings and discuss the recommendations and highlighted opportunities. Using this valuable insight, you can make more informed business decisions and alter/enhance your internet marketing strategy to optimize your return on investment.

To get this process underway, call WSI Comandix today at 905-475-3675 or complete and submit the form here: . Please include your list of keywords or brief phrases that best describe your business or services so that we may structure your Webscan accordingly.

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