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[Introverts] Marketing & Selling Made Easier

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Sault Ste. Marie, On, Canada


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Website Copy Rescue

If you're struggling with your website copy and is stopping you from getting it launched. I can do a coaching and consultation session to get you in the right place.

I offer a $500 NinetyMinute Coaching and Consultation Breakthrough Session where we’ll create a copy strategy for your website – based on who you are, what you want to accomplish and the parameters of your site. 

One of the greatest struggles I’ve found in my experience is small businesses don’t know what to say in their advertising and on their website. They end up putting it off, scrambling at the last minute, and then submitting what they know best… themselves and their product. This is why so many small business don’t have effective marketing, they don’t like doing it, and they don’t see the ROI they expected.

I have a two fold offer. One, you can hire me for the coaching and consultation session where I’ll help you get on a track that you are going to feel good about. 

Part two, is whether I do any of the work for you. This could be editing and reviewing your a teacher or a mentor. Or is could be me writing for you, and then you editing and tweaking from there.

This would be discussed during the consultation. I do promise you on thing though, we’ll work through your sales and marketing position until we come up with something so strategically smart it gives us goose bumps. 

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