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Barketing Solutions Inc.

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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Website Design and Maintenance

Fully managed websites for professional small businesses. Professionally designed websites customized to your business. Websites are built for performance, mobile and speed.

Starter Package: 

Our starter pet business website are perfect for small service-based businesses looking to prioritize their online presence. 

Our starter sites include:

  • Select your design template.
  • Your choice of a monthly plan
  • Basic customization: Includes branding the site with your colors, logo, fonts, and photos.
  • The essential pages: homepage, about us, services, service area, contact, FAQ, and blog.
  • Standard technical SEO setup
  • Mobile optimization
  • Site upload, installation, and implementation.
  • Contact Form built with Gravity Forms, Mailgun & reCAPTCHA

Learn More:

We have packages that range from a Startup to Custom Design to eCommerce. 

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