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Wooden Horse Software Inc.

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Picton, Ontario, Canada


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Website Development

With a focus on accessibility, user experience, and simplicity, work with Wooden Horse to build the website your business wants and needs.

Whether your current website needs an upgrade or your building your digital brand from the ground up, Wooden Horse can create a simple, dynamic website to help your brand get in front of customers online.

Simplicity and accessibility are the forefront of our design philosophy. Work with Wooden Horse to develop an online presence where you can display your products in an online store, accept payments, take reservations, engage new leads.

Built on a flexible and user-friendly platform, we provide you the tools needed to find complete success in the digital sphere with a focus on best practices, including GDPR Cookie compliance, Internet privacy and security, integrations, and more.

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