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Head office located: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


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Website Development

Whether we’re creating a brand new website from scratch or rebuilding an existing outdated website, Harvard Media’s web development team has the expertise and experience to bring your online presence

Website Creation:
Harvard Media creates websites with mobile-first designs that are SEO friendly, visually appealing and user-friendly. Harvard Media can oversee and manage the implementation of E-commerce functionalities such as Shopify or WooCommerce. Pricing and turnaround times vary depending on the complexity, content available and research required to complete the project.

Landing Pages: 
When running any form of digital ad or campaign, it is crucial that consumers land on a page that is relevant and appealing. A landing page is used to inform and educate consumers, as well as for lead generation.

Website Audits:
We’ll perform an in depth analysis of your website from a digital consumers point of view and provide you with a detailed report outlining necessary improvements and provide recommendations as they relate to the overall user experience and functionality of your website. 

Quotes available upon request.

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