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AtomDellow's Web and Graphic Design

Years in business: 5 or less
Head office located: Welland, Ontario, Canada


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Website Development for small businesses and e-commerce

I will build you a cost effective modern website complete with e-commerce (menu, ordering, itemization,shipping), or a simple static but graphical page that pulls in clientele? Free consultation now!

Are you still using a website you built your self back in 2010? Or are you looking for a modern look, that won’t break the bank? Maybe it’s stream lining your services and products online to be managed by an automated system that sells for you while you sleep? 

Hi, my name is Adam, I’ve been building websites, and doing graphic design for more than a decade – I also do other graphical work like digital photography, 3D modelling, and video game development; with a background in programming and art fundamentals, with desk jobs with sales and marketing, I’ve acquired the skills you need to help make your website shine, and sell. 

If you’re a restaraunt, dropshipping business, contractor, musician, game developer, warehousing company, the list goes on – I can help you bring your idea into motion. 

I can help you set up SEO, and online pressence as well, which includes Social Media, auxilary connecting sites like Yelp, Google Earth, trip advisor, and more.

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