“Win-Win:” Allwin Printing Modernizes Their Website

by Digital Main Street   |   March 09, 2022   |   Share this:  

Kamal Abbasi is the owner of Allwin Printing, a print product and design business based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Allwin provides analysis and solution proposals, a vast variety of print products, excellent quality, the best prices, and  all with a reasonable turnaround time. 

When Kamal’s wife was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, some cancer survivors told him it would be impossible to commit to a regular job while caring for the kids, household chores, and the uncertainty of his wife’s condition. He realized that a printing brokerage could be an option to earn a living when he finds time to hunt orders for print products. From there, Allwin Printing was born. 

The Allwin name means “win-win.” The business aims to win for their clients, suppliers, and themselves – equally. Allwin serves their clients by sourcing high-quality products from highly competent and reputable print partners. 

As we live in an era of specialization, different manufacturers specialize in different products by acquiring relevant top-quality printing equipment, processes, and staff which together form superb quality products. Allwin specializes in bringing this all together with excellent customer service. They understand the printing needs of their clients and the capabilities of their partner manufacturer, allowing them to be a reliable place for all your printing needs.

When starting his business, Kamal designed a simple website using Microsoft Publisher. Later on, he switched to a WordPress website and hired a professional designer. After some time, Kamal began wishing to have a modern website. When the opportunity came up to sign up for the ShopHERE powered by Google program and receive 1:1 support in building a new online store, he jumped on it. 

Establishing an online store has become almost inevitable as the world continues to change, and Kamal found the program was excellent for small businesses who can’t spend loads of money developing an online store or hiring web design experts. 

“My previous website was an old style website and I always wished to have a modern one but the quotes were very high. ShopHERE has helped me achieve my dream.” 

Kamal found the program quite busy, but very productive. The more time he spent on his new website, the more he learned useful and new features, giving him more energy and excitement to continue working on it. 

His eCommerce Coordinator was competent, cooperative, and walked Kamal through every step of the way and kept him on track. 

“The ultimate result is really exciting. I cannot wait to showcase the products I have in line.” 

Kamal chose to create a Shopify store through ShopHERE, and found that the interface was easier to manage than his previous website. It has all the basic functionality he needed along with optional advanced functionality through the Shopify app store, better security, and faster response time to the user’s interaction with the website. 

His next challenge is to stay on top of the competition and is now working on mastering SEO. 

“I visualize the huge number of websites as an ocean. If I don’t keep on swimming, I will drown quickly.” 

As part of the ShopHERE program, Kamal attended two marketing webinars to give him a head start on marketing his new online store. SEO was one of the multiple topics covered in these webinars. 

Kamal plans to continue adding products to his store and expects to soon become the source for the largest variety of print products in Canada for every budget and taste. 

If you’re looking for print and sign products or design services, you can check out Allwin Printing at allwinprinting.ca 

If you’re a small business dreaming of a modern website and need some assistance getting started, you can sign up for the ShopHERE program here


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