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From Childhood Joy to a Collector's Mission: Natasha's Vintage Toy Quest

by Mahjabeen   |   March 28, 2024   |   Share this:  

Growing up, buying and collecting stuffed toys gave Natasha Rioux all the joy in the world. Natasha was born with mild cerebral palsy, making it difficult for her to find a job that allowed her to work at her own pace and have the flexibility of setting her hours. So, with a passion for collecting Ty Beanie Babies, Natasha embarked on a mission to introduce vintage stuffed toys to the collector’s world and her business Vintage Beanies Canada was born. 

“What if I could buy a bunch of Beanie Babies, enjoy them for a little bit, and send them off to new homes for others to enjoy? Then, I could get new ones and enjoy those as well, creating a never-ending cycle of stuffed animals!” – Natasha says on her website. 

Natasha started by selling her vintage Beanie Babies on different platforms but she yearned for greater control over the appearance of her website. This desire led her to hearing about ShopHERE powered by Google through her local business center. The ShopHERE program offered free 1:1 support to small businesses and artists aiming to create, set up, and launch their own e-commerce website. Eager about the prospect of elevating her business, Natasha joined the program and was paired with an e-commerce coordinator who expertly guided her through the process of building a professional business website. 

“The store was built to my satisfaction, it has my own personality to it! And it's easy to use and it's very clear”, shares Natasha. 

Natasha's website now proudly displays an extensive array of collectible toys, featuring a diverse selection of Beanie Babies.

Since joining the ShopHERE program and crafting her website, Natasha has witnessed a notable surge in sales and online visibility. Her growing proficiency in digital marketing has played a pivotal role in her business's ongoing success. 

“Digital main Street helped me build my website and make it look professional. They were extremely helpful. My website is already making sales which is amazing and I'm very proud my success.”

With a website that authentically mirrors her collection of vintage beanies and a steadily expanding customer base, Natasha is confident that the new website will contribute to spreading the joy of collecting vintage stuffed toys. Reflecting on the program and emphasizing that she is “super confident” in managing her online store going forward, she explains

“I found (the ShopHERE Program) extremely helpful! It made me feel reassured that my website looked professional, and the(y) helped me with a lot of the settings. They confirmed that everything was set up correctly. I'm a big fan of this program.”

To check out Natasha's Vintage Beanie Collection, visit their website and social media. (InstagramFacebook

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