Every Day Is A Coffee Day With Daymaker Coffee Roasters!

by Michelle Foster   |   October 26, 2022   |   Share this:  

Coffee… an almost universally enjoyed beverage. Many people describe it as essential to their daily ritual. Some people say they don’t need coffee, they just love it. While others consider it an absolute daily necessity. Daymaker Coffee Roasters was born out of all those reasons. They LOVE the taste of a great cup of coffee (or two) that satisfies the taste buds, comforts the soul and inspires possibility. They love the outdoors and they’re taking action to protect it by maximizing the sustainability of the local coffee lifecycle and eliminating unsustainable packaging waste. Additionally, Oliver and his team are committed to serving their customers and their community. They’re doing this by helping people with Down syndrome through financial support for families and community groups. Eventually, they aspire to provide meaningful employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome so that they can be a Daymaker for them as well. 

Daymaker Coffee Roasters is an Ontario-based business that offers fantastic-tasting coffee that inspires your day ahead. They are building a company with a purpose: to maximize the sustainability of the local coffee lifecycle and eliminate unnecessary waste and negative environmental practices. 

Daymaker Coffee Roasters was founded by Oliver Woodburn, who was influenced by decades of tasting experience…he’s a professional chocolate, wine, and whisky taster as well as an educator. It is his passion that leads the way for those who love coffee to enjoy a fantastic cup every day. From the start, Daymaker Coffee Roasters is choosing a path of purpose and service. They believe that every day is full of potential and possibility, and they want their coffee to help inspire you to make your day! 

Their purpose is built on three key principles: 

  • To be a Daymaker for you through freshly roasted, fantastic-tasting coffee. 
  • To be a Daymaker for the environment through their biodegradable packaging and other initiatives. 
  • To be a Daymaker for people with Down syndrome by committing 3.21% of sales to help fund life-enriching supports. Why 3.21%?  People with Down syndrome have three copies of their 21st chromosome which contributes to their uniqueness!

Oliver says the ShopHERE experience was, 

 “…fantastic. It allowed me the time to focus on all the other things I needed to do. Now that my online shop is done, I'm focusing on fulfilling the orders I'm receiving for our fantastic coffee.” 

Throughout the ShopHERE Program, Oliver worked alongside Ekta, a ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator. Oliver’s experience with Etka was wonderful!  

“…there is no way I would have developed it as fast or efficiently without the help of Ekta, my ShopHERE eCommerce Coordinator. As the saying goes, “You don't know what you don't know”, which was true for me, however my coordinator did know what I needed and was able to help me set-up various features that will make my website far better for my customers.” 

Oliver feels that working with his eCommerce Coordinator was really helpful, as she guided him on how to navigate through his chosen platform, Shopify. He felt comfortable experimenting and testing layouts during the process as well as receiving support as he navigated through the new learning curve of building an online presence. He was able to complete the program with recordings of their meetings that he can refer to and re-watch if he ever needed to reflect back in the future.  

When asked if Oliver enjoyed the program, he said  

“This program was really beneficial. Building a website was on my ‘to-do' list, but once I started working with ShopHERE it jumped to the top of the list BUT I wasn't doing it alone. My coordinator had a timeline planned out and after my input was able to do so much of the work much more efficiently than I could. The result was I could focus on other tasks, while my “team” was building the website. I can imagine that any small business start-up in my position would love the same support.” 

To learn more about Daymaker Coffee Roasters, browse products and purchase your own coffee from their collection, please click here. If you enjoyed learning about Oliver's experience with the program, and are interested in signing up you can do so by visiting the ShopHERE powered by Google program website by clicking here

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