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A Sweet E-commerce Journey: Good Rising Honey’s Digital Transformation

by Ronnella Etwaroo   |   March 15, 2024   |   Share this:  

What does “rising to the challenge” mean to you? For some, it might mean overcoming stress, daily responsibilities, or chasing after a personal goal. For Good Rising Honey, however, rising to the challenge represents raising awareness about the great impact bees have on humans' mental health and well-being. 

In 2021, Dave O'Neil took advantage of an opportunity to observe and learn about honeybees. With just one hive, Dave embarked on an exciting new adventure, took his knowledge and passion to the next level, and founded his business, located in Welland, Ontario. The Good Rising Honey team supplies the highest quality honey, as Dave explains; “We get our honey straight from the hive, as the bees made it.” The goal of the business is to emphasize the importance of restoring the health of honeybees to improve the well-being of our environment as a whole. 

Among other products, Good Rising Honey offers premium wildflower honey that is untouched, unfiltered, and not pasteurized, along with honeycomb, beeswax, candles, and more. 

As Good Rising Honey continued to grow, Dave was encouraged to expand his audience by creating an online presence. Having in mind the development of a website, Dave decided to explore the ShopHERE program powered by Google for assistance with the technical aspects of website making. For Dave and his small business, utilizing The ShopHERE powered by Google program was a great next step, since it offers free valuable assistance to small businesses, including helping them create an online store, teaching them how to manage and edit an online store, and ensuring an online store launch is successful. 

As a part of the program, Dave was partnered with a dedicated e-commerce coordinator, who helped him build an online store that would reflect Good Rising Honey's brand, and products. After a few meetings and planning, Dave and his e-commerce coordinator constructed Good Rising Honey's new website. The one-on-one training also helped Dave learn how to manage the technical aspects of the website as it grows.

“It was a pleasure working with my coordinator. He was very knowledgeable and patient with teaching me the basics of building (and managing) a website”

Throughout the process, Dave’s e-commerce coordinator ensured that all of his objectives were achieved and now Dave can move forward with his e-commerce store. 

The store was built to my satisfaction. It is well laid out and easy to navigate.  My e-commerce coordinator guided me through the steps and assisted me with any questions I had. The biggest opportunity (now) is to expand (my) customer base now that I have an online presence. This is also a great challenge, but a good one. The ShopHERE program would benefit any small business looking to have more online presence and to share their story.” 

To explore Good Rising Honey's products, you can visit their new website here

Click here if you'd like to learn more about ShopHERE powered by Google program! 


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