Mindful OT: Occupational Therapy Enters the Digital Space

by Dominique Carlos   |   February 08, 2023   |   Share this:  

Specializing in Occupational Therapy, Amee Le founded Mindful OT to support and collaborate with kids, teens, and adults to overcome mental and physical limitations from global developmental delay, brain injuries, mental health, and gender identity issues. With the use of various approaches including fine motor, gross motor, sensory integration, emotional regulation, primitive reflex integration, and art therapy, Amee and her team work with clients and their families to address and achieve their goals.

Through the ShopHERE by Google program, Amee and her eCommerce Coordinator created a digital space for her business and clients to help increase operational efficiencies and take her business to the next level.  

“Having a professional, beautiful, and functional website allowed me to reach more clients. I now have the ability to set appointments with automatic reminders which saves me a lot of time. Creating invoices where clients can pay directly and easily has been a game changer. I now feel like I have an efficient and effective business that I can grow in the future.”

With Mindful OT’s services and booking now available online, Amee has more time to focus on client needs, as well as new growth opportunities through digital marketing and expansion. 

“It's been a period of growth in terms of getting the structure of the business in place to reach more clients. Now that I have a functional website, I am more confident to tackle marketing and thinking about growth and expansion.” 

Today, Mindful OT’s team has expanded to cater to their growing clientele and to ensure that each client has a personalized experience to help achieve their emotional, mental, and physical goals. Moving forward, Amee hopes to become an expert in her digital operations, bringing together the lessons and resources she gained through the ShopHERE program.  

If you are interested in viewing wide selection of professional services offered at Mindful OT, click here. If you are also a small or medium-sized business just starting out, you can learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program and sign up here. 

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