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Tap into 2023 trends on Instagram to help drive results

by Meta   |   January 26, 2023   |   Share this:  

Instagram has revealed its 2023 Trend Report, your Gen Z guide to cultural trends across the platform. From the financial renaissance to historic movements in politics, the survey features topics, issues and creators at the forefront of culture.

At the heart, Gen Z consumers are seeking community and connection more than ever. Brands that elevate sustainability in fashion, authentic expression in the metaverse, global culture and more, could have Gen Z’s attention in the physical world and online.

Download the full report here to help you plan your 2023 content strategy and get discovered by new customers who may be looking for businesses that align with their values and interests.


Check out some highlights from the report below.

Recycle, reuse, reconstruct

More than half of Gen Z respondents said that they plan to make their clothes in 2023.2 And with rising costs, over a quarter of Gen Z buyers turn to thrifting when a clothing item they want is out of budget.3

Taking action

While 30% of Gen Z surveyed are old enough to vote, teens use platforms like Instagram to vote with their wallets to support causes and communities they care about.4

Climate and expressive beauty

More Gen Z consumers respondents are likely to use makeup to express their personality than augment their feeling of beauty.5 Gen Z is also searching for climate-proof beauty and skincare products that protect against rising issues such as air pollution and intense UV rays.

Alt takes on the Metaverse

In the metaverse Gen Z can build digital experiences, and they expect to express their individuality and dedication to equity in digital spaces. For example, 67% of Gen Z surveyed users feel avatars should better reflect diverse body types, clothing, and skin tones in the coming year.6

The financial renaissance

64% of Gen Z social media surveyed users plan to monetize a project this year. While a significant portion of Gen Z hopes to monetize on Instagram, nearly half of creators say they make content to express themselves and have fun.7 Expect interests to transform into side hustles.

Cultural curiosity: participatory global eats

Gen Z is exploring culture through cuisine. 68% of Gen Z social media surveyed users will either continue or would like to try food from another culture after discovering it online.8 Through creators and viral food content, Gen Z uses Instagram as a gateway to other culinary cultures.

Creator trends: community and participation

Nearly a third of Gen Z users look forward to in-person experiences—like creator conventions and meet and greets—with their favorite influencers.9 And in 2023, Gen Z expects their favorite influencers to branch into new forms of media. For example, over 40% of Gen Z followers want to hear podcasts from their favorite social media creators in 2023.10

Return of the rave and the rise of global beats

Music events like raves are beloved outlets for Gen Z to let out steam: 68% of Gen Z social media surveyed users plan to attend or want to attend a rave in 2023.11

Your 2023 dating profile

Members of Gen Z turn to digital spaces to break the ice. More than half of Gen Z social media users feel more comfortable being vulnerable online and over text than in person.12

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